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    I have had some unwelcome visitors leaving unwelcome comments on my site, which I dont want. I have had problems with this person before, and wanted WP to be a safe haven for me as I am more than happy here.

    When it says Username, if I put one of my friends names in ie Joe Smith – will that be accepted please??

    The blog I need help with is



    Accepted where? Anyone can fill in any name in a comment form.



    Delete the comments. Problem solved.


    Yes I have done that…..its just that this person has actually been a problem to me in the past…..and I didnt want them giving me grief here thats all.

    There comment HAS been deleted!

    What happens about this username though? If i put someones name in like – i said – Joe bloggs is that accepted?



    You, I or anyone can type “Jesus Christ” in the username spot. In other words we can type whatever in that spot and no you cannot stop this troll from continuing to harass you. You can put all the personal information into the Comment Blacklist box on this page > Settings > Discussion but any committed troll will simply get an new IP and come at you again.



    Also note that trolls lurk on forums waiting to see if the blogger they harass with inflammatory and/or defamatory comments to see if their targets will post their distress there and ask for help. When they do that the troll gets off – it tells them they scored! The intent of any psycho troll is to harass, abuse and insult. The way to deal with them is to feed all the personal information into the comment blacklist, moderate every comment, mark every comment of theirs as “spam”, and not talk about them anywhere online. They lose interest when we completely ignore them because what they really are is attention whores.


    Thanks TT I actually marked it as Spam then hit delete…if I had seen sooner about the settings/discussion etc, I would have done that, but as you say, the person will come back or get their friends too…..

    Yep this is true, and I thought it was incredibly funny they responded to the ‘Online bullying subject’ I had written, but the daft person had not even read the article full!

    Putting my site to private though, will stop all outsiders (Except you guys on WP) seeing my site wont it????

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