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    Do blog users have access to the Users page – are they able to see the status (contributor, author, etc) of other users? Can all users see all of the info on the stats page and, if so, can this be limited by the administrator?
    Actually, exactly what pages are non-administrative users able to access?


    The blog I need help with is



    I read that. It does not specify whether users can see the stats page or whether they can see any of the administrative-type pages. It only states what they are capable of <i>doing</i>.



    Important: Please be careful of the roles you give users on your blog. If you add a user as an administrator, you are granting full ownership rights to him/her. This means that if he/she deletes the blog and/or its content, there is no wrongdoing. For this reason, we recommend having only one administrator per blog. Also note that all user roles provide access to a site’s stats.



    Ok, I’m going to take that as meaning users can only see the stats page but none of the other admin pages. Thank you so much.


    That’s the way I understand that as well. Best wishes with your blog. :)


    P.S. You could test this by creating a user account using another (throwaway) email address and then see what you can see as a user with a role that isn’t the Admin role.

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