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users adding own account to specific blog

  1. testinteractive

    I'm a student and working on a social network blog for my interactive project. I'm very new to wordpress and was wondering if anyone knows how users work within a specific (private) wordpress blog. I want specific users to set up their own accounts (with a photo), tag given information about themselves and give/receive private messages from other users. Is there a plugin I need for this? Or how would something like this work? Thank you so much!

  2. Is your blog at

    If it is, the following applies:

    there is no private message system here, so you will need to use email or some other system.
    authors can set up profile pages but profiles already exist for authors; they must upload an avatar if they want a picture, and it shows in the Author Widget. Some themes display avatars on each post, like Neo Sapien; most do not. Authors can also categorize or tag their posts with their names, so they will be searchable in teh Category widget or global category pages.

    If your blog is not on you need to be in another forum.

  3. testinteractive

    Yes, my blog is on wordpress. I don't see why I would post a question here otherwise.

    One more question: my project is more about a social network. I am thinking about not having blogging as an option, just tagging. How would I go about that?

    Thank you for your help.

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