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  1. I was moving from a wordpress-based blog on in italian server to this one. I the former blog, user and new comers were enlisting into the blog and were receiving a password at thei e.mail in order to log onto the blog. At the same time, we ADMINs were able to delete some inappropriate user, give "level" to author and or users.
    Im not able to find out this option here in can someone help me with this?

  2. Try the following page within your dashboard:

    Dashboard -> Users -> Authors & Users

    You can assign levels there and remove people as well.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Thanks, I've got two more questions: 1)is it possible to add users who aren't members of Do they necessarily have to create their own blogs first?
    2) is there any limit of users in a blog (I managed to add only three people)

  4. 1.) They have to sign up at They'll get a blog but they don't have to use it. (I need to add this to the FAQ...)

    2.) There is no limit that I know of. If there is, I'm sure Matt will step in and mention it.

    Good luck,

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