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    I occasionally get e-mails telling me that: “(email redacted) just started following you at They will receive an email every time you publish a post. Congratulations”

    I’ve attempted to follow the instructions in this thread (and other threads on the topic) to deleted the obviously bogus followers, but to no avail.

    In the Dashboard, under Users/All Users, there’s only one listed, and that’s me.

    In the “People” listing under the My Site tab, I see tabs: “Team” (that’s me), “Followers” (the @.names), and under “E-mail Followers” I see what appear mostly to be valid e-mail addresses – but the ones I want to delete aren’t there.

    So where are those bogus followers going? Or is the Great and Powerful WordPress automatically scanning for them, recognizing them as bogus, and deleting them for me before I can get to them?

    I suppose I could just ignore them since my blog is read-only (no comments allowed) and it’s not likely that they’re causing any harm. There aren’t so many coming in that it looks like a denial-of-service attack. But I’d like to be a good housekeeper when I can.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    The random email addresses that have been following you are spam. We are working on blocking those, and at the same time removing the ones that make it past our filters as we detect them, which is why they’re not showing up in your followers list.

    You can see more information in my reply here:

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