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Users not appearing in user list

  1. I have added two users as viewers. they do not appear in my users list, however. I am the only person (administrator) who shows up in the users list. This means I cannot change their status.

    Is this expected behavior?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I figured this out.

    The All users page does not list all users. It lists only the users who can add or change pages on the site. That means viewers are not listed. If you want to change a viewer to another role so they can add or update pages, you have to send them another invitation for the new role at which point they show up in the All Users list. There, you can change their role to Editor, Author, Contributor, or Administrator (but not to viewer). My guess is that if you want to change somebody in the All Users list to a viewer, you have to delete them and send another invitation for the viewer status.

    I think this is a confusing design.

  3. Hi there,

    I'm having the same problem!!! The thing is, how are you going to delete them if they do not appear on the list??

  4. A viewer can't do anything but view and get email updates, so anyone can become one. What I did is leave a "become an author" form so if someone wants to they can leave their email and an idea.

  5. In my case, they showed up on the viewers list. I deleted them from there and added them as authors.

  6. In my case, they are not showing up on the All Users list, just on Past invitations. And if this is the only way to get around this problem, it's really not practical!!!
    Thanks a lot for your help!!!

  7. Right. They don't show up in the All Users list, which is VERY counter-intuitive. The above is the only way I could figure out to get around the problem. It's not obvious at all.

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