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    I have sent invitations to several people who have accepted my invitation and set up a WordPress account. They are not showing up in my user list and cannot access the blog. I have them set up as Editors, so they should be able to make changes.

    Any suggestions?


    The blog I need help with is


    Twenty Eleven theme


    Figured it out! Thanks.



    Figured it out HOW? I’m having the same problem. I watched the invitees accept the invitations. They’ve all followed the link back to the blog. They got usernames. They can log in to the blog. They can leave comments and their gravatars show up in the New Comments list.

    But they don’t show up on my list of Users, their status in the Newly Invited list is still “Waiting.” They can’t post because they are Authors in the User list (because they’re still not on the User list). Very frustrating.



    Hi- I have sent an invitation to a new author for my blog Cinema Chaat

    They have set up their user name and accepted the invitation, but it still shows as “Waiting”. I can’t see them in the list of users either.

    What else do I need to do to get them up and running?



    For one of my users, I had to resend the invitation directly to her newly created user name. For the other, he was trying to login using his user name and password. Once he created a user name and password on and I sent the invitation directly to his new user name, he was in.

    Hope that helps.



    That has done the trick!

    Thanks so much for the advice.


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