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  1. How can i edit to HTML and put kod to show how many users online on my blog? I have the kode my i dont know where to put it..Pls help me

  2. Not anyway with what we have here. You can do it with a couple different plugins that are available for those with the wordpress software that you download and have a host elsewhere but they wouldn't work on the WPMU install that we have here.


  3. I have seen some other wordpress blogs they have it done?

  4. And these would be?

    They're probably not hosted here at Like I mentioned it can be down with the downloadable version and a plugin but those blogs aren't hosted here.

  5. Sorry , i was looking for the web site that i can give you example, if i find it i will post it..
    Thank you very much for your help...

  6. Well, if you do come across them, I'd love to have a link. If they are hosted here, I'd like to see how they're doing it. I can't think of any method outside of javascripts (which aren't allowed due to security concerns) or additional database tables. (We don;'t have access.)

  7. Do they have any that are html code and not javascript?

  8. That's why I wanted to see them. Only one's I'm aware of are javascript or database based, neither which would work here at

  9. I doubt if its possible to do it without javascript or database.

  10. Ok how many users visited my web site can i put something like that?

  11. You have a widget called "Blog Stats" and if you drag and drop it into your sidebar then you will have the number displayed in your sidebar. And this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets. If you want even more statistics you can also register offsite and have a sitemeter or an activemeter

  12. I'd love to have MyBlogLogs on WordPress, but I"m not willing to sacrifice security to do it. It IS fun, though, I agree.


    heres blog stats shows how many people visits. And how can i put some Logos on side ?


    here.. Tarafic..

  15. @asyayusof
    Please read what I posted above rainscoaster ... Please use the links I provided ... Please read and find answers ... please :)

  16. Thank you i just did Blog Stat.. how about on the site Logo?

  17. You can make the logo image in microcsoft Paint first and save it to your computer. Then you can make a text widget and put the logo image in it. This and this thread
    will help. :)
    P.S. Looking at your blog made me hungry. Everything you make looks so good. :)

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