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  1. Hi people.

    My blog is:

    I want to put a Users Online Counter in by blog.

    I used the counter:
    (sorry for advertising)

    but it does not work correctly.

    How you can see in by blog, just appear "Online users" and does not appear the number of online users.

    The code i am using are in the same text widget as the sitemeter code.

    Have you any ideia why it does not work?

    WordPress have any Users Online Counter to put in the first page of the blog?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You haven't provided the code you used so I cannot examine it and tell you why it's not operating on your blog. If it's a JavaScript widget then the software will strip the code out to preserve security as this is a multiuser blogging platfrom. There are several non-JavaScript visitor counters we can use on our blogs like the ones found when you scroll down this page to "Visitor Tracking".

  3. Hi timethief.

    This is my code:

    <!-- Start -->

    <font color=#331400><script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script> Online Users</font>

    <!-- End -->

    This is correct?

    Thank you!

  4. I try with this code:

    <!-- COUNTER: BEGIN -->

    <!-- COUNTER: END -->

    and i have the same problem. how you can see in my blog.

    The number of users online does not appear!

  5. The number of users online does not appear!

    Of course it does not appear. it will never appear. What part of JavaScript cannot be used on free hosted blogs as the software strips the code out to preserve security on this multiuser blogging platform did you not understand when I explained that to you above?

  6. I'm sorry but i don't read all the article!

    What online users counter, can i use?
    To pu it on first page of the blog?

    Thank you!

  7. Hi raincoaster. Thank you.

    The clustrmaps is like sitemeter, right?

    I recorded it on the site, like you can see on my blog:

    and first, it appears a lots of code.

    And what i really want, is a counter that only display the online users at the moment.

    Like: "14 Users Online".

    I think that clustrmaps does not do that, right?

    Thank you!

  8. Clustrmaps shows a map of the world with dots where each of your readers come from. Not like Sitemeter.

    You want the widget. I believe that's in the list in that blog post. I have it in my sidebar and I love it.

  9. You have a Pro Account? Or a Simple Account?

  10. If i copy the code:

    <script id="_wau28r">var _wau = _wau || []; _wau.push(["classic", "tcq60f3wyffa", "28r"]);(function() { var s=document.createElement("script"); s.async=true; s.src="";document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(s);})();</script>

    from The Original counter

    it appears like

    var _wau = _wau || []; _wau.push(["classic", "tcq60f3wyffa", "28r"]);(function() { var s=document.createElement("script"); s.async=true; s.src="";document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(s);})();

    on dashboard of wordpress, and on the first page of the blog!

  11. Can anyone help me, please?

    I tryed to use the online users counter from

    But the only code i see is:

    <script>var _wau = _wau || []; _wau.push(["tab", "f0x9g1w8e4e9", "r7p", "right-middle"]);(function() { var s=document.createElement("script"); s.async=true; s.src="";document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(s);})();</script>

    This code is accept by WordPress?

    Whem i copy it to my blog, it is like

    var _wau = _wau || []; _wau.push(["tab", "f0x9g1w8e4e9", "r7p", "right-middle"]);(function() { var s=document.createElement("script"); s.async=true; s.src="";document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(s);})();

    I don't understand what i have to do!

  12. You have to put it in a Text Widget. But first, you have to contact WhoSamungUs and get the special code for, because that code will not work here.

  13. Ok.

    I will do that right now!

    Thank you!

  14. You're welcome. They have to do something special to the code, but they do have a way of doing it.

  15. Ok.

    I have sent an email to them.

    I expect the answer.

    Thank you again!

  16. Hi you can get the HTML code by yourself.

    The site now includes a post-to-WP button.

    Click "showcase" in the top nav menu, click on the widget you want, click the "Post" tab below the javascript code, click the WP icon, fill in fields, click Post. Then go to the post editor for the newly created auto-post, switch to HTML, copy code, paste into text widget, save widget, trash post.

  17. Hi.

    The problem is already solved.

    Thank you all!

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