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Users registering for my blog

  1. There are some blogs on wordpress that have a link to "register" and I take it this is different than registering for a blog. It seems to me to be a subscription of sorts to comment on that particular blog.

    On my blog, there is no such link. I have friends trying to post comments but how can they do this without having to create a blog of their own?

    Also, the "login" assumes one already has an account. But this is if one has an account for a blog. I want to allow my friends just a subscription that would allow them to comment without having to create a blog of their own.

    Am I making sense?

    How does this work?

  2. Yes all the sense in the world.

    Anyone can comment on your blog (a .com blog is not req'd) as long as you set your options correctly.

    Under dashboard > options > discussion, you will find the third checkbox down from the top: "Allow people to post comments on the article"

    Ensure that is checked and your good to go.

  3. I'd like to set up some other people to post comments without them having to get their own blogs. Is this possible?

  4. Of course, that's how it works by default (I think).

  5. Actually I've yet to see the register link on any of the hosted blogs. I have them on my self hosted blogs though so I know what Such is talking about. I would think it would be an issue as registering for a local would mean you would actually have to be going through the Wp sign up...

    epub, there's a link in the FAQ that covers your question.


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