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  1. Okay, now this is stupid - I was making a few experiments with users & authors, and I changed MY OWN account to subscriber. Now I can't make a number of edits on my own blog, as I don't have admin rank. Can someone help me on how to revert this, please?

  2. Yep - where is your blog?

    (Found you - all is now good)

  3. Thank you! ^^

  4. Is there an option or way that people can "subscribe" to my blog so that when posts or comments are added it emails them telling about it?

  5. bluefusion, best method would be offer a link to a "Get an email when my site updates" service.

  6. drmike - can you give some advice on such a service? I'd like to add such a link as well.

  7. Yes could you please point us in the right direction.

  8. drmike has not been on the forum for about 4 hours now and I expect he will not be back until tomorrow to reply to your request. Perhaps in between you could search the net for providers and narrow the field and then consult with him then. Cheers.

  9. For the record, weekends are fairly bad for me as I have very limited internet access as I do most of my work from one of the local college libraries. (My appartment complex still has copper with no option for any digital support)

    I unfortunely can not suggest a service as I offer this service to my clients and that would be a conflict of interest. I do see a pair of services near the top when I do a search though.

    Hope this helps,

  10. Thanks drmike. That helps.

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