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Userscript for quick switching/login of user?

  1. Is anyone aware of a userscript that will allow for quick logging in as a different user? Instead of having two blogs under one name, I have two under two different ID's (needs to remain this way). I can access either blog via the dashboard but really need to log in as the other ID at various times. Surely there's a userscript (or even a bookmarklet) that's already been created?


  2. I'm not aware of one I'm afraid - I'll ask around...

  3. I would think the easiest way would be to use two different browsers (Firefox and IE, for example) and stay logged in as a different user on each.

  4. Hanni, OK and thank you much. Rosclarke, yep, that would work. But I've all but abandoned IE, even setting the proxy server to :) Just don't need the thing anymore.

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