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Using 3 different menus in Confit theme?

  1. Hello,

    I have created a website ( using the Confit theme. As you can see it's about translation and I'd like to translate the website from Greek (original language) to English & French.

    I know that I have to translate each page separately, no problem there, so my main problem is this:

    When I translate a page into e.g. English, the side Menu remains in Greek (you can see it for yourself if you click on the British flag in the Home page). So, I've created a Menu in English, but if I set it as the Primary Menu, then the pages in Greek will have the Menu in English (obviously).

    I'd like to know if I somehow can attribute the English Menu to an English page, a Greek Menu to a Greek page and a French Menu to a French page.

    I read that the Confit Theme supports only 1 Primary Menu, but if anyone knows another way to solve the issue please inform, I'm pretty desperate.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyone?

  3. Nope?

  4. Please! :)

  5. If you had the Custom Design upgrade, you could add all the items to one menu then use CSS editing to selectively hide them.

    Without the upgrade, you need four menus: the three menus you actually want plus one with no items at all. You set the no-items menu as your primary menu, so that the top menu of the theme won't show. Then you go to Appearance > Widgets, add three Custom Menu widgets to your sidebar, set them to display your three real menus, and set their Visibility settings so that each widget shows on the appropriate pages only.
    Note: these menus won't look the same as the top menu of the theme (the links will be orange instead of grey, with no divider lines).

    Your other option is to create three separate sites.

  6. Dear justpi,

    thank you very much for your reply. I have one question though:

    where can I find the Visibility settings for the widgets? I searched everywhere but I couldn't find them.

    Thanks again!

  7. where can I find the Visibility settings for the widgets?

    It's inside each widget. Click the widgets to open them.

  8. It's inside each widget. Click the widgets to open them.

    Dear timethief,

    thanks for the reply. I clicked on the Custom Menu to edit it, but there is no Visibility setting. It only lets me to select the Title of the Custom Menu, to set them to display my three real menus and to select the sidebar and the position of the widget in that sidebar.


  9. You are correct and I apologize Please read what justpi posted above and wait for him to help again.

  10. No problem timethief, thanks for the help!

  11. I am sorry that I failed to deliver whet you needs. Thanks for being gracious.

  12. Sounds like you've got the "accessibility mode" on. Go to Appearance > Widgets, click Screen Options (top right), click "Disable accessibility mode": then you'll be able to see the Visibility button inside each widget, as timethief said.

  13. Thank you so much justpi! :)

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