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    Can I ask for advice here please. I have made a page called Posts with Recipes using the Category recipe but it is selecting other posts of mine as well which aren’t ticked as a ‘recipe’. I’ve obviously misunderstood how the categories work and I’m just wondering how to unpick this mess…. :(

    The blog I need help with is


    The categories will work fine for you, but first a couple of points. The main page of the site will display all the posts from all categories in reverse chronological order (newest at top).

    If you do not want to have a page where all of your posts are listed, you can set a static front page for your site. If you wish you can also have a “posts” page that will show all the posts. If you do not, simply do not create that “posts” page.

    Next you will want to create a custom menu and in that custom menu include the categories that you desire along with any other items you wish (about page, etc.). If you click the “view all” link at the top of the pages module you will also see a “home” page tab. You can include that if you wish and it will link to the static front page you set for your site.

    You cannot exclude posts by category on the normal main “posts” page (typically the front page of the site). It will always show all posts.



    Thank you for replying, I do appreciate it. My poor description skills are at fault here. The page I have tried to make is one page which should have the posts from one category only.( I have an index page which is separate using the code [archives] that lists all the posts in reverse order) and various other pages at the top of the blog which have different categories of posts in them.

    The other ones work fine, but the one which is the Recipes one doesn’t but pulls in posts which are not in that category. Am I allowed to post a link so you can see what I mean? Maybe I should ask Staff to have a look at it. Here’s a link the first post that comes up is not in that category for example….



    It’s all sorted now, thanks to you and Timethief! I removed all the child categories and made them categories in their own right. They were being included in the parent category on the Tab I had created. It was quite simple in the end.

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