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    After I upload my purchased theme (from 3rd party) to the FTP directory in wp-content > themes to GoDaddy, then I go back to WordPress to see if my theme is available, but it is not. How can I use the 3rd part theme that I just purchases? Can you please provide me with the steps.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t use custom themes on If you want to use a custom theme, you may want to consider self-hosting your site using To learn more about the difference between and, check out this page:



    On the other hand, if you want to stick with, you can use your custom design upgrade to do a LOT of customization to one of themes available from You just can’t upload a third party theme to use on



    I am self hosting my domain with GoDaddy. They say to upload the theme to the wp-content/theme section of the directory then go to WordPress to activate it. However, it’s not activating or even available to activate.


    When I look at the page linked to your User ID, I see:

    The Knight Crew
    This site is the bee’s knees
    Not Found

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.
    Search for:
    Blog at | Theme: Customized Wu Wei by Jeff Ngan

    That means, no third party themes.

    Are you asking about a different site?



    Ok so here’s what I’ve done so far.

    Contacted Godaddy, they said to take the domain mapping on WordPress off because I’ve installed the wordpress application directly from Godaddy. I reinstalled the application on GoDaddy after removing domain mapping on wordpress and even deleted the blog to ensure I wouldn’t get any overlap.

    What WAS happening was that when I would go to the admin for my blog it was kicking me to when I should have been going to and simply logging in from there.

    NOW I am see an error form when trying to go to It states that it needs mapping but GoDaddy insists it doesn’t and my co-workers have shown me theirs and they don’t have mapping and they are hosting on Godaddy just like myself. My question is, is this just because the DNS error in my location hasn’t updated? The godaddy tech support said they could see my blog at my URL, but I can’t where I am at.



    I see your self-hosted blog just fine. You may just need to clear your cache to see the updated site. (Here is some help with browser issues like clearing your cache, in case you’d like more instructions.)

    At this point, you’ll want to head over to the forums for additional support. Good luck!

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