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    I want to change my title font using a font that is on my computer. How?!

    The blog I need help with is



    Unfortunately, this isn’t really doable. You can’t upload fonts the way you can images. You might be able to use the Typekit Fonts if it’s in there:



    So when you see other blogs that have even a different font for “title” of the their page- you can’t do that? How do those people have those different fonts on there then? just for the title of the blog.



    They do that by using the Custom Design upgrade:



    If you just want it in your header, you could make an image with the font right in it and use that as a custom header.


    The problem with using a font that is on your computer, which you can specify with CSS, is that if your visitors do not have that font on their computer then their browser will not be able to show it and will substitute another font of its choosing so your visitors may not see your special font, it even could be that only YOU would see that font if no visitor has that font installed.

    Online fonts such as Typekit, which is part of the Custom Design Upgrade, are served to a visitor’s browser directly from servers on the internet and then everyone can see the font.

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