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Using a Nexus 7 lost a post

  1. Hello,

    I spend about 3 hours last night writing a post on my Nexus 7 tablet, I know wordpress makes auto saves so I didn't publish it ready to finish off today, as I went to edit it today I accidentally deleted a section so closed the app hoping it would reload the auto save? But now it completely missing... Is it possible to recover this is anyway or view my auto saves and does the Nexus 7 keep a local copy anywhere. Please don't tell me I'll lost 3 hours work?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm afraid this is a VERY widespread problem, and if it is not in your Revisions module, you may indeed have lost it. Look through the related threads to see if someone has a solution for you. I'm not sure if offline blog editors work on a tablet, but you could try. If you write long posts, it really is a necessary precaution until this bug is fixed.

  3. Revisions confuse me, is there an easier way of explaining thats better than the 10 google links I've read?

    If it helps the post is not even showing up in my post (not even as a draft or old version of the file)
    Also clicking screen options doesn't show a revisions tick box.

  4. Don't read Google links for explanations of Read the Support documents or like I said the Missing Post-tagged threads in this forum.

    If it's not even on your Dashboard Posts page, I'm afraid it's probably gone.

  5. To anyone else reading, I couldn't get to the bottom of this or find my post so I re-wrote it!

    I also tried an experiment and it seems posts don't auto save on the Nexus 7 so make sure you save before you quit the app.

    Also I always select all text and copy before I post in case I lose it, but be careful not to press paste instead of copy as there is no undo button on android.

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