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Using a png image for favicon

  1. Hi, I am trying to upload a png image for the new available favicon option for my wordpress blog, with no success.
    It keeps on showing the previous jpeg image that i put in.

    Is there someone who can help me to understand the problem ? Thanks in advance

  2. It can take up to 48 hours for a blavatar to start showing up - at least that seems to be the general experience of many. I would give it a day or so to show up.

  3. Thanks for responding thesacredpath.
    But actually WordPress does not even "take" the new file (png) i try to upload. So it's not a matter of delay in update.

    and by the way, i tested with another jpeg image and it worked (after 5-10 minutes) so for sure the issue is about png file.

  4. Make sure the image is actually a PNG. I've seen them with a PNG extension, but actually being a bitmap. Also, make sure the name includes only letters and numbers. No spaces, punctuation or special characters.

  5. the exact same issue we were discussing here;

    should be some sort of bug I suppose.

  6. Then contact support.

  7. If it is a problem, it must be something new that was introduced since I have no problem with mine (on two different blogs, I might add). Try uploading the file using the regular image uploader and then post a link to the file here in the forums. Maybe there is something wrong with the image.

  8. claudiobalderi

    I've the same problem...

  9. claudiobalderi

    My gravatar soon should work also as favicon by itself or must I arrange my account in another way (in this case, please, tell me how :-)!) for this function?

    Thanks (and sorry for my English... terrible!)

  10. any update on this ?

    any help would be much apreciated :)))

  11. You're kidding, right? Support has been on limited hours for the holiday. Have you submitted a ticket?

  12. Hi, we are looking into this issue.

  13. @lilia, qaan, claudiobalderi, & vivianpaige: PNG uploads for blavatars should be fixed now. Sorry for the troubles!

    @claudiobalderi, you can upload gravatars on your profile page and blavatars on your settings page. You must upload them separately, but you can use the same image for both if you want.

  14. Works fine now, wonderful !

    Thanks very much everyone. Special thanks to Vivian :)

  15. yay! thanks a lot! it's working perfectly... Viva la WP! :))

  16. Working here....all good on my la WP! Love Coldplay...

  17. i've been trying my blavatar for the past week...maybe it will work today?

  18. Well, we cannot tell without a link to the blog in question.

  19. Mine isnt working, it says my pic as the blog image. But it didnt upload...

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