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    I’ve made a custom poll to mirror the theme of my blog and want it to appear in the sidebar. When I insert it into a text widget, there’s some huge padding or margin (or something) going on with the widget that I can’t seem to alter and the poll looks awful.

    I’ve tried altering different aspects of the poll box etc, but it is still swimming inside the text widget box.

    Is there something I’m not getting? How can I get the poll to fit snugly inside the text widget?

    The blog (in case the select-a-blog thingy doesn’t work) is


    The blog I need help with is



    Hello Kate,
    Here’s the answer for you:

    mportant: When adding a poll to your sidebar, you may need to update its design to use the Narrow style to ensure that it properly fits.
    Happy blogging!



    No — I’m not explaining myself properly, I think. The poll is the appropriate width (I checked the CSS of the theme and looked up the sidebar width and customised my poll accordingly).

    The problem is that the poll within the text widget gets all squished up because of some huge margin (padding?) surrounding the poll within the widget. I want to know if there is a way to minimise the white space within the text widget so the poll fills the entire space.

    Does that make more sense? I would leave it up there for you to see what I mean, but people are visiting the blog and I don’t want them to see a weird squished up thing off to the side.

    Thanks for replying. I hope you can help further.


    You can change the positioning, but we can’t really help with a problem we can’t see – we can’t even tell what your idea of “huge margin” and “snugly” is. If you don’t want to leave the poll up, at least put it up temporarily and give us a screenshot.



    ok — I’ll do a screenshot later… no time right now.

    thanks for responding.



    I hope I’m not too slow getting back to this that no one sees this post!!

    I can’t work out how to insert a screenshot into this post, so I’ve left the poll/text widget up on the blog for now and I hope someone will get back to me shortly.

    You can see the blue border of the outline of the text widget. It would be really nice if the poll sat snugly within that border, instead of the fat white padding it’s shoved in there.

    I have made a custom poll that is made to easily fit the width of the sidebar.

    Please help! I don’t think I’ll bother with a poll at all, if it can’t look nice.



    You can enclose the poll in a div with negative margins:

    <div style="margin:-32px 0 -48px -32px;">
    [polldaddy poll=3839428]

    (Works with decent browsers like Safari and Firefox – don’t know what happens with IE).

    Still, your poll is 2px too wide and you lose the right border.



    Thanks — I’ll try all that.




    That’s got my poll background sitting nice and snugly within the text widget — thank you!!


    Why is there all that flabby padding/margins for the different elements of the poll, when I have set it all to 0px??

    Perhaps this is out of the realm of WP? I suspect the poll is doomed due to crappy formatting.

    But so close… I hope you can help again.


    You’re welcome.

    It’s not WP and it’s not the poll: it’s the theme. It’s got padding for both the widget and the container of the poll. If you switch to other themes, you’ll see that in some you’ll get similar results while in some the poll will be flush top left in the widget.




    I don’t want to switch themes, so I think I’ll can the whole thing.

    Really appreciate you explaining it for me.



    By the way, the fact that the formatting didn’t fit with your idea for the placement of the poll doesn’t make it “crappy”. On the contrary, space around an object is usually desirable (think of text-wrap, for instance).

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