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Using a post to link to a page

  1. I'm a new WP author using the basic free pkg. I've spent some time this afternoon to understand what I think can happen based on what I've read in the Docs in the author section.

    I'm aware the more tag is handy for determining my excerpt for posts that will go to their own permalink page. But I've written a page that is more long form, and the first 55 characters, or less are not what I want on the home page. I've written a shorter teaser as a post.

    The dashboard page for this new post shows a separate text input area underneath when I click the more tag button in the kitchen sink. When I post the permalink of the static page in it and preview, it shows the text of the permalink. I see a path :P in an uneditable area so I've not read what that does. What is that area for? If it's for the continuation of the post that "jumps", why does it preview in my home page?

    So, am I thinking about it wrong? I want to click on the post and go to this static page that I made beforehand.

    I have not seen how to do this, thanx, sam

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm aware the more tag is handy for determining my excerpt for posts that will go to their own permalink page.

    That's not correct. The rule of thumb is "less is more". We assign the minimal number of relevant tags to any post that accurately reflect the content. Adding a whack of irrelevant tags is called "spamdexing" and can cause search engines to choose not to have your content appear in SERPS (search engine pages results). If you assign more than a combined total of about 10 Categories and Tags to any post then don't be surprised if you do no find it displayed ion the global tagging pages. See here >

  3. Are you clear on the differences between pages and posts?
    See here >
    See also >

    Also note that long titles are not a good idea at all. Short titles are preferred. The titles are included in the URLs for the respective posts and/ or pages. You ought to be aiming to use the least number of relevant words in them as possible.

  4. When you start a new post, make certain that in the format pulldown (left end of lower visual toolbar) in the Visual editor says "Paragraph." If it does, then in every browser I have tried, the editor will keep the paragraph formatting with blank lines between paragraphs. ... If you see "Path: p ยป div," you are not in paragraph format and will not get blank lines between paragraphs
    In paragraph format mode, you will see "Path: p." read more here >

  5. Thank you for your thoughtful replies. My understand of the difference between a post and a page is confirmed by your links. So it appears that a post cannot link to another Page. Is that what you're saying? It appears that I'll use a Page widget to show links to pages, correct?

    So I believe I'm hearing that I have to rewrite my post so that is the same content of this page but put my teaser at the top so that it's SEO-friendly. Is that a correct assessment of your help?, thanx, sam

  6. A post most certainly can link to a page, but not by using the More tag. And whatever you do, DO NOT duplicate the content.

    Write a teaser with a link at the end. You can call the link Click To Read The Whole Post or whatever you want.

  7. Exactly what I needed. Thanks for sharing that info, and all the other b/g.

    I'm unsure how to mark this thread as [Resolved].

  8. You edit the first post in the thread and set it to Resolved.

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