Using a static front page to fake a CMS

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    I find myself in the wonderful position of having a number of contributors who are sending posts at the same time. For right now, I don’t want them to set up their own blogs and simply link to them (they are emailing stories to me, they are busy folks…) so what I want to do is create a “front page” that has links to the latest stories and such.

    Now, I know the easy part. Create a page, put the summaries I want and links to the individual posts and then make that static page the “front page” of the blog under the options menu.

    But here is my question. :-) I want to put a link to the blog as it now exists, that is to say all the posts in date order. In other words, I want to put a link on the static front page that says “read everything” and has a link to the straight blog, as it were.

    If there is a way to do that, I would most appreciate the help!




    I beleive it does this by default. When you create the static page, create a second blank Page. That’s where your posts will show up. You choose it at the same time you choose your front static page.

    Hope this helps,

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