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Using adsense in the blog post

  1. @Collin - Wank has cpatured it nicely that's exactly what I meant. BUT you have also said it yourself in your post above and I have to say that, like you, I deliberately avoid clicking the adverts on sites I visit and, like you, I avoid the Ads by Gooooogle, never even looking at the content of the ad box.

  2. I know I make very little money off of Adsense. I still haven't put it back in there on my sites even after a week since I've recreated my sites.

    I gotta admit I'm waiting to see if they open it up to Comission Junction based adverts or affliate links.

  3. *humor*
    Imagine -
    (1) A WordPress community replete with sploggers making money by having dozens of duplicate sites.
    (2) Now add a star rating system for voting on your favourite blogs (splogs).
    (3) And syndicates being formed to vote down some blogs (splogs) and vote up others.
    Yahoo - it's a Xanga!

  4. You should check my post in my blog at , there's someone from USA (dont know if he/she was using proxy) trying to do some XSS thing with javascript on the comment box. Fortunately WordPress doesnt allow scripting :)

  5. I see it a couple times a day as well on my site.

    And folks complain around here when they can't use javascripts. *sigh*

  6. I thought this was interesting, from a Poynter feed yesterday:

    'Posted by Fons Tuinstra 10:20:56 AM

    Amazon Unfairly Blames Google for Ad Glitch
    Like probably many of you I have been an Amazon associate for years. However, since their ads did not generate any revenue I kicked them off.

    Now, for week or so, Amazon is offering ads that relate to the context of the site or blog where they appear. This beta-service Omakase (Japanese for "leave it up to us") has not been announced very loudly, but discussions on the blogosphere are slowly taking off.

    My first reason to write this post: I'm now selling books, so the system actually seems to work.

    Amazon's legal disclaimer warns against using Omakase together with Google Adsense: "Why? Because Google doesn't want you to use any other services that also dynamically scan and analyze the content of your individual pages to ascertain the best possible material to display. You might be able to get a waiver from them, but I would definitely discourage you from having both throughout your site and just hoping you don't get caught."

    Webloggers like Dave Taylor have already checked with Google and they say from their perspective it is nonsense.

    From my experience it might more be technical problems Amazon still has to solve in its beta-mode. Amazon ads at my site often show up as Google ads, suggesting that both tend to get mixed up. But it is not nice for Amazon to blame Google for problems that Amazon shares.'

  7. Since both poppy and podz are watching this thread and posting I thought I would post
    it here.

    Podz to quote you from above. "There are blogs from companies on here that link to
    their sites. Should we nuke them?"

    You did nuke company blogs that I had on here after I asked a support question. I
    wasn't hiding them or trying to do anything sinister.

    We disagreed on that but the blogs were suspended.

    You have the right to do that. Not here to re-argue the point. You guys run the site how you see fit.

    Then I saw my blog at blogger was down with links pointing back to wordpress.

    I jumped the gun and thought podz had done something and posted about it.

    I assumed and made an ass out of myself on that note and hereby publicly apologize to you podz.

    I still don't agree about the reasons my blogs were suspended, but I am sorry for jumping
    to a false conclusion.

    I have also posted that at google groups for blogger help.

    As for you poppy, no apologies are due to you. You made assumptions about me that were not true the same as I did about podz.

    Lets see if you are man enough to apologize as I have done.

    Chris McElroy aka NameCritic.

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