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Using an image as a header

  1. hi.. is there any way to change the header image of any theme by not uploading it but to adding it from a http link?

  2. No you cannot "hotlink" a header image.

  3. If you upgrade and purchase custom CSS you can do this, but uploading the header is easier and free :)

  4. :)

  5. If you're thinking of doing an offsite link to an image, please remember that it's safer to just upload the picture into your space. That way you won't lose it if the other site goes down and you're not swipping their bandwidth.

    just a suggestion. :)

  6. i know that... what i mean is that i have uploaded two headers and both of them goes to the space, and if i want to use one of them i have to upload it again.. that's what i'm asking, how do i use the other one i've already upload???

  7. You can save it to your desktop and upload it again. To get the URL, just start writing up a post and find the image. When you send it over to the editor, you should see the URL for it. If you put that in your browser, it should load in your borwser so you can download it.

    Hope this helps,

  8. not really but thanks anyway.. well it seems there is no way to do what i want.. so.. i will put this as a resolved post..

    thanks to all that say something..

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