Using BlogDesk to add / edit posts with photos & captions, plus forms

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    I recently transferred my BLOG to WordPress after AOL closed its Journal support. I am pleased with my new BLOG although it took me ages to manually add all my photos one by one. I have found a few problems though in setting out my posts as I wish using the WP YSIWYG editor. This led me to try out BlogDesk, I found it excellent and easy to lay out posts including photos. BlogDesk, however does not support photo captions and if I tried to edit this in WP, after uploading the post using BD, it messed up the layout.

    So I now do any editing using BD, not a problem as it’s easy and quick, it also alows templates and frequently used phrases to be inserted easily.

    I resolved the caption problem by using JpegSizer, a bulk editing software, that I now bulk size my photos suitable for web use and add captions based on the file name. These resized photos plus caption are saved on my computer and used when inserting photos into the BlogDesk WYSIWYG editor. Works well and results can be seen in my recent BLOG posts.

    I even worked out a way to insert a table into my posts using BD that it did not like when I tried directly copying from Word. I saved the completed Word table as a XML file, then copied and pasted into the WP editor. Then I switched to HTML and copied the code, then pasted this into BD as HTML and it worked a treat. I was able to save the table as a template for future use / editing.

    I am not a computer expert, just a user …. but the results are good and I thought these comments might help others.



    I forgot to add a link to my BLOG for examples.

    I have also since found a very useful site for HTML code examples including tables, etc

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