Using British rather than American spelling

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    I prefer to write using the British spellings but the spellcheck keeps turning them into American spelling. Is there a way I can change this? I looked, but couldn’t see how to do it….

    The blog I need help with is



    You can download a British spelling browser add-on if you wish.


    Sorry to be dim but how would I do that??

    (Human being over 60 in the middle of the French countryside without a teenage kid to help….)


    Well you could always ignore the american spellings which is what I do.


    Are you using Firefox? If so click on ‘Add-ons’ on the start page, and then in search in the add-ons page type in ‘british spelling’ there are many to choose from.


    I try to use the British spelling but it insists on changing it to American….



    I’m a Canadian who gave up British spelling ages ago. Here’s the link for a Firefox add-on >

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