Using docx files?

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    I tried uploading a docx file a few moments ago for a new post I was about to make, but there is a slight problem. Once I uploaded the file, it only showed the title of the docx file as a clickable link. And once you click on the link; it takes you to another page that is completely blank. Is there something I’m doing wrong, should I convert the file to another file? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.



    Have you confirmed that the uploaded file was an accepted file type?
    Look in the blue box on this page Uploading Documents under “Related”.

    Will also post a link to the post your are referring to please?


    I checked the accepted file types, and it states that docx is accepted. That said, here is the link to the post “”

    As you can see, there’s only a clickable link, and once you click on the next link that shows up, it downloads the file…



    That post hasn’t been published yet! Only you can see it. We can’t.

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