Using Downloaded Custom Themes

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    I have downloaded a few custom themes, but all of the installation instructions assume you host it yourself (using all of that icky FTP stuff.) Is it possible to upload a theme to the WP host? (It should be!)

    A similar problem is presented in trying to customize a theme with CSS. Aside from trying to decipher all the code, I’m not sure how to change some of the graphics. The one custom image is one thing, but what if I want to modify some of the images that are supposedly permanent? The code references them, but where does it go to? After looking at the source code for the HTML, I concluded that it went to a library of images for themes on WP. For some reason, I can’t right click and save the images I see, or view their path, so I can’t save and edit them.

    For a bonus question, is there a way I can randomize an image on my page (the header specifically)? I want to upload a few images and have any given one display whenever the page is viewed.




    It is not possible to use downloaded themes at Because we’re on a shared blogging platform, our security restrictions are much higher and the amount of code that we can introduce to our blogs is limited. If you know how to work in CSS, you can adapt the CSS of downloaded themes and try to use that on a blog, but it’s not for the newbie.

    Is there a way to randomize an image? Try the instructions in this thread:

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