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    I have a free site I use for my blog and want to start using an email subscription marketing system. I have a Landing page set up with ConvertKit now but wonder what is the best way to proceed: stay with the free site or upgrade to Personal Plan in Will that plan allow me to have email subscription pop-ups? My site is

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there!

    You don’t need a Personal Plan to create a subscriber popup form. Although with you can’t create your own custom newsletters, you can use a newsletter service like MailChimp to create an engaging subscriber popup form. Here you can learn how to do that. Also, to learn more about subscriptions and newsletters you can have a look here.

    Hope this helps!


    Thanks. I looked at those articles. Is there anything for ConvertKit like there is for MailChimp?


    The ConvertKit plugin would require you upgrading to the Business plan. To upgrade a free plan:


    Thanks. I want to build an email subscription list so I’ll go look at MailChimp. People were saying ConvertKit was so much easier to use but I think they all have self-hosted (like websites.
    I’d prefer to keep my site rather than build a site. Anyone used an email capturing subscription service successfully on a site other than in a WP.comBusiness Plan? Just trying to figure this all out, guys!

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