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Using Filezilla for WordPress

  1. I'm new to this, so I would ask a little patience, something i was not shown at
    I've installed wordpress locally to my computer. Can I set up my computer (iMac) running
    Linux as a server to host my own blog? or can I use Filezilla to transfer what I have done with
    wordpress and post it to my blog at


    The blog I need help with is

  2. No thereis NO FTP access to blogs. Read >

  3. @joer223, you can export posts, pages, categories, links, and tags from your local wordpress installation and import them here, but you cannot import the theme or any customizations you have done on the local install.

    Personal ISP accounts are not designed for web hosting, so there is no way to use your local computer on your personal ISP account as a web server.

    What you would have to do is to hire a web host such as godaddy or bluehost, etc., install the software from wordpress.ORG in that web hosting account and then transfer your stuff from your local install to that wordpress install on the web host.

  4. timethief thanks. I will just try to find another blogging tool that I can use for (I'm almost afraid to hear that that can't be done either).
    I like your blog, it's interesting and looks helpful!


  5. thesacredpath, thanks that's helpful. That's all I needed to know really was that I can
    export my posts. I'm new to this so I apologize for my lack of understanding and knowledge. I will work on learning how to export from my local install to here. I wanted
    to use wordpress becuase I think they have the best blogging software. Thanks again.


  6. @joer223, You are welcome and not a problem. We were all new at one time or another, and we are all always learning.

  7. @TSP
    This is just to let you know that I have moved to plan B due to the invisible comments. I will no longer be posting many, if any links, when I provide answer. From here on those I answer will be given directions that will teach them how to find their answers in support docs and by using search utilities.

  8. @tt direction is what n00bs like me needs, we may not always find the answer we're
    looking for, but we always learn something in the search.

  9. @joer223
    This wasn't actually a reference to you at all and I ought not to have posted what is an an off-topic comment into this thread so I do apologize to you.

    We Volunteers are having problems because we post a lot of links when we answer questions here in the forum. Sometimes our comments end up in the spam filter and the comments we post are invisible, so we have to email Staff and they Staff have to spend their valuable time making the comments visible. That's why I was sharing with TSP my intention to avoid using links when answering forum comments.

  10. @joer223, as TT says, there is an issue here in the forums that happens to the volunteers here where some of our posts will be invisible to everyone except ourselves when we are logged in. If we log out, we cannot see some of our posts in the forums and it appears like it has to do with links or the number of links we put into the posts we make. I've had probably 6 over the past few days that are invisible. It is an issue with either the spam filtering or something like that. The problem has been around for months and although it seems better than it was, it is still a problem.

    @TT, I'm not sure what we can do past what you are doing. It certainly will make things much more cumbersome for those needing help.

  11. @TT your comment was in no way taken in a negative context, so no apology needed.
    As a new blogger I feel like I have a thousand questions that need answering, and a little direction is sometimes all that is needed. I applaud your work as a volunteer here.
    @TSP as well. Sorry if this comment is off-topic for the forum.


  12. Okay, let's stop apologizing and just blog on ... lol ;D

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