Using foreign credit cards instead of PayPal

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    About to sign up for a account but am not sure that I can use my American Express (Australia) card to buy a domain name from HostGator. My question is this: Does WordPress allow non-U.S. credit cards, or do all credit card payments go through PayPal?

    Thanks, William



    WordPress.con does not sell anything on behalf of Hostgator. You need to contact Hostgator. Please read this > vs. The Differences >



    Thanks timethief for the quick reply.

    Sorry for being totally unclear about this.

    The problem is not with HostGator, but with getting the HostGator domain accepted by WordPress. The relevant Domains page requires PayPal credits or use of credit cards. I have an Australian American Express and my experience with anything connected with PayPal is that they only accept US credit cards.

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