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    Hello, I want to use the gallery function for a post that will be solely photos and I am experimenting with the post called : It’s a colorful world. The fotos come up as if it were a standard post, not in sliding fashion as I imagine the gallery to be. Can you advise? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is the introduction to the Blogum theme Bother that there is no mention of an image slider because there isn’t one. Blogum includes special styles for Aside, Image and Gallery post formats. You can live demo the theme here >
    gallery post format >

    If you wish you can choose not to use the gallery post format. An image gallery will display a set of thumbnail images attached to a particular post or page. When clicked, gallery images are displayed in a full-size carousel view.



    I’m sorry about that “Bother” above it was meant to be “Notice” and I don’t know why my app changed it. :(


    When you use the gallery feature, you get thumbnails on the post, but clicking on any thumbnail brings up the gallery carousel slider, as timethief pointed out.
    If you want a simpler slideshow on the post instead of the thumbnails, switch the editor to HTML and turn this:
    to this:

    When you initially upload a group of images from your computer to a post, you click Save All Changes once they’re all uploaded, and in the window that pops up you select Insert Gallery or Insert Slideshow.


    thank you! that really helped. just wondering, can the gallery be linked to music?

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