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    Hi, anyone know if Google Adsense works with WordPress?
    I have a blog,, i tried to put the code for Search AdSense in a text widget but it doesn’t work…
    Maybe it can work only with other types of blog?
    Hope in an answer
    Thank u very much
    Bye !



    You cannot use Google Adsense in a blog; the only exceptions are for blogs using the very expensive VIP upgrade.

    Do a forum search for Adsense and you’ll see a thousand posts, although none of them make any difference. You cannot use Adsense on a blog, because is already running adsense.


    As raincoaster said google Adsense is not permitted with Free hosting blogs either you switch to a premium account or you blog via Blogger.

    See you,



    How does one get a VIP upgrade? I only see upgrades for space and for CSS editing.


    You need to be at about 500,000 hits per month, it takes about $300 to set it up and then about $250 per month. It is meant for big blogs.



    Hey bahrabba I was also bumbed out when I tried to put Adsense in my WordPress blog. Their is hope though because you can put other ads in it. If you want to put something else in it sign up with as a publisher and get some product to list.

    [Using clixgalore or anything else means your blog will probably be suspended. – Mark]



    You can put ads on it, but they will delete your blog if you do.


    With 500,000 hits per month, it is not just meant for big blogs. It is meant for one big country: USA.

    Denmark have 5,5 million inhabitants. To get one out of ten to visit your blog every month is impossible.

    This rules out most of Europe as well as most of the rest of the world.

    It is extremely arrogant on WP’s behalf.



    Eleven, that was…



    Not at all. Look at Guido Fawkes in the UK. If your blog is important, they don’t care where the hits come from, but the fact is everyone in government in the UK is terrified of Guido Fawkes, so they check out his site every day.

    If you could do the same for the Danish government, you’d probably have MORE hits, because the Danes are far less inhibited than the Brits.


    But how many of you read Danish? Do you?


    Besides: my blog is very political and critical…



    Well, your English is better than a lot of people’s so there’s nothing stopping you there. Or you could learn Cantonese! Or Urdu!



    Come to think of it, a Photoblog would potentially have world-domination potential, because pictures are wordless. Oooooh, I may have to start a photoblog.


    Haha! I love you sense of humor!



    Well, think about it.

    Guido gets the hits he does because he’s got a small group of very loyal readers. They may hate him, but they dare not ignore him. Same for you.

    The VIP service is a for-profit service of, don’t forget. They’re in the business to make money. I wonder, if you had a hundred hits a month, if they’d let you have the VIP upgrade even if you were willing to pay? I don’t actually know.


    Well, I don’t want AdSense or any other commercial stuff on my blog. But only bloggers from a few countries can use the offer given the fact that many countries are very small language areas. WP’s ToS are not quite fair in this case…



    Like I said, your English is not a handicap; you can blog at least as well as most Americans or Englishpeople. You could be THE source for info on Denmark, you could be the Drudge of Denmark if you put work into it.

    But personally I don’t know why you’re looking for a chance to pay them all that money.


    No. I am not looking for a chance to do that. But I might donate to WP if I ever find a link for that…

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