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    Hi, I blog at I use the oulipo theme. I have been using some of the HTML codes to change the appearance of my posts, once I taught myself the code from previous posts. Now all of a sudden the drafts don’t appear in code any more, and any code I use appears in the post itself if I click on ‘preview’. I’m really unhappy with this and want to be able to use code to change the appearance of my posts like I used to. Can you help me?

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you copy-pasting the code in or typing it directly into the Text Editor?



    I’m not sure I understand your question, but to clarify:
    I’ve been typing each of my posts and then saving them as a draft and then pasting in any relevant code into my draft before re-saving it again and then publishing the post.
    For example, if I wanted to have the word ‘something’ in bold, I would type in the draft post something. Then when I clicked on the preview button, the preview of the post would show me that the word ‘something’ had changed to bold.
    The reason I particularly like doing this is that I discovered the code for changing the colour of my font. I like to use green font for headers and sub-headers and for hyperlinks, rather than plain black font.
    When selecting what kind of post I’m going to publish, I quite often select the photo-based option rather than the text-based option, and I’ve found that the photo-option doesn’t have the in-built ability to change fonts that a text-based post has. (Or at least, not as far as I can work out.)
    So, by looking at previous text-based posts and also by looking at the code used in some of the drafts of my pages (rather than my posts), I was able to copy and paste the code formatting into my photo-based post and get the same result.
    But I can’t seem to do that any more, because my draft posts are no longer saved in code but seem to be pre-formatted already.
    I hope that makes sense. It was very long-winded, but I’d really like a way of working around this so that I can shape my posts to look the way I want them to look, not to some pre-set version.



    PS Now I see that what I’ve just written in my reply to you above has put the word ‘something’ in bold when I was trying to show you the code I’ve been using to put the word something in bold as an example!
    What I meant was, I have been physically typing the symbol < , then followed by the code-word strong, then followed by the symbol > at the beginning of the word I want in bold, and then following the word with < then /strong then >, etc.



    Sorry, have finally worked out that I was drafting my post in ‘visual’ instead of ‘text’ and that’s why I couldn’t use code. Took me a while to figure out and I feel pretty stupid now! Thanks for your help :).

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