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Using HTML with images

  1. I'm running into errors when I try and use HTML to format the text beneath images I insert in my blog. (I.e., I put in a
    to force the line of text to break where I want it to instead of where WordPress wants it to, but if I save the post as a draft and then edit it later on, all of my image formatting is lost - and sometimes the ' [as in "I'm", for example] turns into a bizarre symbol that can not be corrected.)

    Is anyone else running into these issues? Is there some setting for my blog I need to update/correct? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you are talking about image captions, we cannot use HTML in those.

  3. I am having similar problems. The apostrophe will turn into a box symbol. The font size of my caption will change and appear large like my regular text. Sometimes when this happens, the caption then loses its line break and the caption then overflows out of the picture box. Also, my pictures' positions also do not appear the same in the posts as they do when I'm editing. For ex. one of my photos is currently showing up and is spreading into the sidebar area OR sometimes photos that appear next to each other as I'm editing, appear on top of each other in the draft or published post. I use internet explorer most of the time, but have found that this is less of a problem in firefox (though still an issue at times). I do not typically mess with HTML, but when I look at it, I see nothing really strange in it.

    I have spent countless hours on certain posts trying to make them look right. :(

  4. Under Settings->General, have you selected "Wordpress should correct invalidly nested XHTML"? Do that. It sounds like you have some unclosed tags causing weirdness.

  5. Raincoaster, I did apply that setting - but unfortunately that didn't resolve the issue. :( Any other ideas? (Or, does anyone else have any ideas?)

    Bird, at least it's not just me (or you)... I suspect if there are 2 of us that have this issue, others do, too...

  6. If you are talking about image captions, we cannot use HTML in those.

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