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    Say there’s a product that I read about in a magazine or on a shopping website, and I’d like to mention it in the blog, as in “I just saw this and can’t wait to try it out.” I’d include a photo of it, and perhaps a link to the article or where to buy it.
    Is that okay to do, or do I need to contact the owner of the image? New to this. Help?




    I think most owners will see it as free advertising, so wouldnt mind as long as you didnt portray the product negatively. I suppose there could be some copyright issues in regard to the owership of any images. but for example, Electronic Arts have no problems with me grabbing images from their sites to use on my blog.

    I would try and contact the company in question, and tell them what you propose, and see what they say.



    Technically, you need to contact the owner unless you use a thumbnail size of the image only. In practice, most people (especially most retailers) are totally fine with you using an image of their product to talk about it as long as you link back to the site you got it from. The big exception is photographers and painters, of course, who will often put copyright conditions right on their blogs or Flickr pages so you can read it and determine if what you’re doing fits.


    The safe thing is to go to Wikipedia. They have millions of free photos and images in various forms of “Public Domain”. Very often you can find an image that goes with the tings you write about. Wikipedia is the worlds biggest free photo and image data base. It is also a check on what is legal and what is not. If they can bring the photo so can we.

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