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    Hi all, I sometimes need to use the same image more than once. Until now I have been uploading each time but is this necessary, can I just go to my media and select the image again – will it appear in more than one blog OK or by doing this will I mess up 2 blogs LOL. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    While in the post or page editor (which ever is appropriate) click on the insert image icon and then at the top of that screen, click on the media library tab and find the image you want to use and then insert it just like you would if you uploaded it.


    So just to get this straight, the media library is like a store room, once a photo is in there I can use it any number of times wherever I like on my blog?


    That is correct.


    Thank you so much. x


    Can you select multiple images and add them to a new post or you have to do one by one?



    One-by-one would be the usual way, but if you know the image ID number, you could add them as a type of “Gallery” using “includes”.

    See here:

    If you want to display the full size (for your theme) images, modify the Gallery shortcode in the HTML Editor to add “size=”full”.


    You can add multiple images in a ‘gallery’ in a post. The way I do it and it seems to work is select several that I want to upload in one go, then once they have all uploaded, save and you will see the button for gallery, choose order and number of columns. The photos will then show as thumbnails.

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