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Using Images on my Blog

  1. Need info explaining use of images on my blog regarding copyright.

  2. In a nutshell, using any image without the prior permission of the copyright holder is a violation of copyright. There are 71 sources of free images listed on my resources page and there are other free sources on the internet. In all cases read the Terms of Use and comply with them. Scroll down to Images (free sources)

    Note that the indexed images in Google search are not free for the taking and respect the copyright notice posted.

  3. thanks

  4. You're welcome :)

  5. I'm wondering if the reason my blog is never on "Freshly Pressed" has to do with the image issue. I try my best to only use "Fair use" or stock photos that are in the public domain, and now that you've posted this list I'll check it out. Once in awhile, mostly long ago when I first started blogging, I've slipped up and failed to get permission or to credit a photo. Does anyone know the answer, or where I can find out if Could be I just don't make the cut, of course, but if I've been permanently put out of the running, I'd like to try and change that. Thanks for an answer or a pointer to where I might find one.

  6. Staff select what's selected and displayed in Freshly Pressed. The criteria are found here > Take note of what's in point number 1.

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