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Using Instagram images with Twenty-Thirteen theme

  1. I recently shifted to the Twenty Thirteen and I am a little disappointed with the way Instagram photos are displayed within my blog posts.

    For example, when I used Adele or Twenty Twelve, the following code would show the photo fully across the entire text:

    It would look very similar to this post (where I uploaded a photo from Instagram):

    But the posts where I directly link to Instagram are like this:

    I want the look of the second post to be just like the first (which was the default behavior for Adele and Twenty Twelve).

    Why is the photo displayed so small?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi nishikk,
    Thanks for letting us know—we'll look into it, find a fix, and write back soon.

  3. Thanks, Lance for the quick response. Twenty Thirteen is an awesome theme for displaying photos, so it would be lovely to see them bigger.

    Thanks for all the great work with the themes :)

  4. Turns out this isn't as easy as I thought—Instagram has an expected size for their "medium" images, which is 612 pixels wide. Twenty Thirteen's content area is 604, so when we the theme requests the size from Instagram it gets the thumbnail instead at 306 pixels wide.

    We could try to force Instagram to send the 612 pixels wide image (and the theme can scale it down to fit. Still investigating and trying some things out, and will keep you posted.

  5. In the meantime you can use the instagram shortcode instead of just the URL, for example:
    [instagram url= width=604]

  6. Yes, great tip on using the shortcode as a temporary fix. Only problem there is portability, if you switch to a new theme in the future you'll need to edit those width values to match the theme width.

  7. By the way, Lance, you need to update the Support doc: next to last paragraph claims that what I pasted above will produce a 306px image.

  8. Thanks for the reminder, support doc updated to remove that paragraph about size restrictions.

  9. You're welcome!
    Will you also see to this please?

  10. Thanks so much for looking into this. For now, I"ll use the temporary shortcode fix. If this gets fixed, please do update this thread. It will be a great addition to this theme, which is pretty much perfect :)

  11. Hi nishikk,
    Can you check again now? We've pushed a fix for Instagram photos in Twenty Thirteen.

  12. Wow, thanks. It's working perfectly now :)

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