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Using italics in post title Cutline

  1. I want the words Triatoma infestans to appear in italics. Can't figure out where the html for the post tilte is in Cutline

    The blog I need help with is

  2. dadplanet
    We need a link to your blog, starting with http:// to answer.

  3. I just loaded my test blog with Cutline and trued to enter the HTML for italics into the title line of a blog post. When I published the post with the code for italics in the title what happened was predictable; the font in the entire blog all changed to italics. This is a "no go".

  4. This code works:

    Ozoni: <em>Happy New Year 2010</em>
    or  generally: TITLE_OF_POST <em>ITALICS_PART_OF TITLE</em>

    See for a little while on a secondary blog of mine:

    strong also works in that format

    BTW what's up with my regular test blog? I can't change themes!!! What did I do???

  5. What I mean is the title has the italics that look like this (only for a little while because something weird is happening with my regular test blog)

    Back to Business: Assassin Numero Uno, Triatoma infestans

  6. Yes, but my post page doesn't show me where I can edit the HTML. If I look at the page source I see where to do it, but how can I get that into the page where I compose my blog?

  7. ok, never mind about my test blog there. Sorry for inconvenience.

    You want the title to have italics for "Triatoma infestans"???

    What to do:
    In the post editor, on the title line, put the em tag around the words Triatoma infestans just like this:
    'Back to Business: Assassin Numero Uno, Triatoma infestans'

    I don't think this is supposed to work, officially, but it has worked for at least a year so far. Most html tags do not work in the title lines of posts but em and strong do.

  8. Note: the above comment is for this post of yours:

    but em and strong work in any post title. PLUS   (a blank space) also works.

  9. typo trouble:
    Back to Business: Assassin Numero Uno, <em>Triatoma infestans</em>
      for a blank space

  10. It worked!! Gracias!!

  11. usted es welcom

    I have to laugh because I was just looking at my test blog trying to figure out what that means and why I had it there. LOL

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