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    Has anyone tried using form code from on a WordPress page? I’ve tried all ways but without success.

    Any tips gratefully received.



    Try doing a search of the forums for “form”. I think the issue has come up in the past.

    My guess: all javascript and embeds are stripped out by WordPress because of security concerns. I would suspect that what you’re trying to put in uses code that is disallowed. Because we are on a shared blogging platform, a vulnerability introduced by one person is essentially introduced to EVERYONE’s blogs, so WordPress itself is very cautious about such things.



    Agreed. I would be careful as well since a screw up puts everybody’s blogs at risk.

    Whats the code that you’re trying to add in? As rain mentions, if it’s a form, it’s being stripped due to security concerns.



    From the site
    What is JotForm?
    jotForm is the first web based WYSIWYG form builder.
    What can I do with JotForm?
    – Design forms to use somewhere else.
    – Design your forms and let us collect the data for you as well.
    Is there any charges for this service?
    During the beta period, it is completely free.
    Is there any limitations?
    Yes, confirmation emails are limited to 100 a day and file uploads are limited to 10 MBs per account. If you would like to go over these limits, contact us, we will check the legitimacy of your service and increase your quote.
    What are the requirements?
    jotForm requires a javascript and cookies enabled browser. Currently it’s completely tested on Firefox and Internet Explorer.



    Timethief, don’t spoil people. If they know you’ll give all the details for their problems, they won’t bother to do it themselves, they’ll just say “Ask Timethief!” I dunno how much free time you have, but I’d assume you have little enough that you should guard it more zealously.



    ummmm … I was doing this for drmike at a time earier today when the forum was very busy. It only took a few minutes and he was able to answer more questions while I retrieved it.



    Okay, understood. Still. I trained people for years and eventually they’d just look at me with a question in their eyes and say, “no point asking you, you’ll just ask me where I’d find the answer” but boy, those people were incredibly well-informed, because they knew how to find everything. Because I forced them.



    *chuckle* Have you found drmike’s FAQs thread yet and added to it?



    Perhaps tomorrow. Tonight I’ve had tee many martoonies.

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