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    I want to use the ITC Kristen Com Normal font in my website. shows it when you enter Kristen at fontsearch. I tried placing <span style=”font-family:ITC Kristen Com Normal;font-size:1.4em;”> at the front of a test page and <span style=”font-family:Kristen; font-size:1.4em;”> but the result is the same as if I didn’t have a font family specified. I was able to change the font to Trebuchet MS. It appears that I can “buy” the font at, but I don’t know what I get if I “buy” it, nor how or even whether that will enable me to use it on my wordpress blog. I don’t think I have any upgrade that would help me do this.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is the wordpress.COM technical support forum. Here we assist ONLY bloggers who need help when it comes to using wordpress.COM software. The website you have posted about is NOT a wordpress.COM blog. We cannot help you.



    If you have a question that pertains to a wordpress.COM blog then post the complete url for the blog in question starting with http://


    I’m just trying to get the kristen font to work on my blog. The url is I’d like the text starting with “We invite you…” to be in the kristen font.



    We don’t provide support for TypeKit fonts here. Is that what you are referring to?



    There hasn’t even been an official announcement from about TypeKit fonts being added to the features we have here, and I can’t locate a support documentation entry.


    @hootnhowlfarm: Buying that font means you would be able to install it in your computer and use it in text editors or DTP applications, not your blog. Blogs use standard fonts recognized by all browsers and installed in most computers – see here: . There’s no point in using the html you pasted above to specify fonts other than the standard ones.



    @timethief: Thanks. But Typekit is a different story – my reply had to do with the OP’s trying to use the standard html for font changes.


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    Right. typekit is sort of an odd duck, the little I have looked at it. It looks interesting, but I have to play with it a bit before I have an opinion about it.
    when i get some time?

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