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Using Latex - Curves

  1. One of the best features of WordPress is Latex Support. Probably, one can draw curves using Latex; but I don't know how to do so? Please explain the process of drawing a curve using latex. Take an example of type $latex x^4+y^4-ax^2y^2+k=0 $ if possible. Thanks in Advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In all the time I've been active in these forums, there's been maybe one person who would come through on a very rare basis and try to help out with the occasional LaTeX question and that person is no longer active. You might want to read this Support doc and check out the extra help they mention at the end.

  3. @justjennifer I am learning latex. And probably I'll help others in next few weeks. But as of now I have problems in curve-sketching documentation.

  4. You'll have a better chance of finding an answer to your question by visiting the two resources at the end of that Support document I linked to above. Cheers!

  5. Not a LaTex expert, but As far as I know the Latex codes allowed only allows for math fonts and backround color.

    generating curves and Cartesian graph would have to be done on some software on the computer and uploaded as an image.. such as JPEG for example.

  6. I had already tried it. It makes only an Introduction of 'how to use'.

  7. @dlager Is it so? Let me check. Have you any source/proof of your statement, please?

  8. I don't which of the mark ups works on, and I can't find a anything for a function y=function of x equations, but, if you have time maybe you check this page:

    I have no documentation to say that curves and graphics can't be generated here..
    I am interested myself.
    good luck.

  9. Thanks for wikibooks link. I have seen terrence tao creating math graphics using latex. Hopely I'll do it too, soon.

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