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Using 'link' titles for translation purposes.

  1. Hi, I would just like to make a simple suggestion that makes use of WP structures that are already in place but for these specific purposes could perhaps be simplified.
    My blog is an English language learning blog specifically for Italians and I really needed to invent a way so that when a reader came across an English word that was difficult for him, by rolling his mouse over the word he would get on instant online translation (provided by me).
    I resolved this problem by using the 'link' tool and then using the 'title' section to type in the translation. It is very effective as the tezt gets underlined and changes colour making it clear that it is 'clickable' but I have to point out in writing at the beginning of the article that the reader musn't actually 'click' on these links or he will open a new page/tab! Obviously the link I provide, since it is necessary to provide a valid link, is to my own homepage, but it would be much better if I could use the same system but without it actually having to be a working link. In this way an accidental 'click' would not actually do anything and the html would be less complicated and therefore less 'heavy' on the page and on the site.
    I guess that this system could also be used not only for adding 'hidden' translations as I am doing but also for adding contextual notes that can be seen by passing over the relevant text with the mouse. In this way it could be useful for bloggers working in different areas and not just language learning.
    I'm quite happy to carry on using the system that I have 'invented' for myself but I thought it was worth mentioning as it could be turned into a specific tool for adding 'hidden' notes / footnotes in a very neat way and, as I said before, using a WP structure that probably wouldn't need much modifying, I guess.
    Look forward to hearing your comments!

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