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    Can you please see my latest post – why is the URL link appearing on a separate line, and not as part of the paragraph like it should? I want it to flow as part of the sentence, with just the colour changed to show that it is a link.. Is the underlining part of the template design? Can I change it to something more subtle?

    Have I got the code wrong?? I took the code from my old Blogger template – not sure if its the right one to use on WordPress..?




    The reason that link is showing up like that is because it has some tags around it that format it like that:

    <li><a href="">Mother’s Day cards</a></li>

    If you take out the li and /li code, it should show up correctly. Are you using the editor to create the links or just creating the links like that?




    yes I’m usung editor, but it didn’t seem to work. I copied & pasted the code of my old blogger template. Thanks it works fine now.

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