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    I was looking at domain names and all that I wanted was taken and came across .mobi – Now my question is if I purchase a .mobi and use it only to forward it to my wordpress blog will there be any additional steps that I need to take? My logic is that someone on a pc/mac can access the normal blog while someone using an iphone/droid etc will see the mobile version of the blog.

    * Note the blog is just going to be a main page w/ random posts along with 2 pages. One being a photo library and the other being a page with embeded youtube videos.

    Thank you for your help!!!



    I think you ought to be posting to these forums:
    For the iphone wordpress app, you need to inquire over at
    If it is the app written by wordpress you need to inquire over at
    ipad >


    I did not see those forum links so that could be useful when using the app but my question isn’t an app question. I am referring to buying a domain with the .mobi instead of a .com and when someone types in say it forwards that to my blog which leads me to ask since the ext is .mobi and not .com will I run into any issues w/ my wordpress blog’s set up as previously mentioned in my inital post.

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