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    how do i make this widget appear on my page? or rather, where precisely do i place code in code ( and where does the code come from on the site?)

    see, i got an account and uploaded music and made a playlist, but now what do i have to do?



    I don’t think you can put their widget on a blog; unless I’m mistaken, it has javascript, and that will be stripped out. You can always put it into an empty text widget and try it.

    You might want to check out the existing options for blogs, which are listed here:



    ooo! thankyou! i really appreciate it! i’m going to try and figure this out tomorrow night b/c i need sleep! but i already registered and as i said, will try it out tomorrow. it most definitely looks simple enough!



    You can’t embed the your playlist. What you can do, is provide a link to it. For example, the link to mine would be something like: (for privacy, I’ve disguised mine). You could go one step further and make an image of the playlist and attach your playlist link to the image.

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