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    Hi Friends,
    I have searched the FAQ and the Forum topics and I can not find the answer to my question. I recently signed up with disaboom, a web site / blog engine ??? that helps people with various types of disabilities. I signed up using my Second Chance to Live domain name. Will this create a conflict in the bloggosphere, for Second Chance to Live or for Word Press?

    If a conflict exists please give me a detailed explanation how I can use my material at disaboom to point their community of readers to Second Chance to Live without any conficts.

    Thank you for your time and kindness. Have a simply phenomenal day. Craig



    You can have the same name all over the web, but you can’t have more than one URL that is exactly the same. You can have AND and and so on, but you can’t have here AND at disaboom. It won’t hurt you to do all of those things. That URL only applies to one spot on the internet at a time. You can move it from one host to another, but you can’t duplicate it.

    Does that make sense?


    Hi Raincoaster,
    Thank you so very much for your time and kindness. Thank you for providing the detail. You are a blessing to me. Currently, I am set up to use as my web address and as my blog. Does this look good to your raincoaster?

    One other question, when I signed up with disaboom I made a slight error in Second Chance to Live by typing a capital I in LIve. Will this error make a difference to google or other search engines? I have sent in a request for Disaboom to make the change to Live from LIve. What are your thoughts?

    Thank you again for your time and kindness. Have a simply phenomenal day. Craig



    That looks just fine. Google doesn’t really see the difference between capitals and lowercase letters, but for your own satisfaction you will probably prefer to make the change. You may simply have to re-register.

    Best of luck.


    Thank you so very much raincoaster. I sent a request for disaboom to make the change. In the event that I have to re-register, will there be a chance I will not get Second Chance to Live as my domain name with Disaboom?



    If they can’t make the change, it probably just means that the display name will stay like that; if they can’t make the change, it means that the computers and search engines can’t tell the difference between the capital I and the regular one, so I wouldn’t worry about it. The change is probably just cosmetic.


    Thank you again Raincoaster. I just checked my disaboom web site and they made the changes per my request. Thank you again for your time and kindness. God Bless You!



    Great! Have a good day, Craig.



    Correct me if I’m wrong but, if secondchancetolive ( username) really wants to achieve username consistency across the whole internet, then wouldn’t registering “secondchancetolive” be preferred to registering “Second Chance To Live”?



    No idea, except that search engines are really good at stripping out spaces. As I’m discussing the URLs here, it makes no difference, as all spaces are stripped out of URLs anyway.


    Also, I don’t think too much attention is paid to lower case/upper case by search engines or ICANN. I think they ignore it entirely. Otherwise someone could do, “” and another could do “” and another which could lead to massive confusion. If it were possible we would have already seen it: example,


    Good information. Thank you. Craig



    Thanks raincoaster and thesacredpath for clearing that up. :)


    Welcome as always to timethief and also to Craig.

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