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using name of deleted sites

  1. Hello all
    I'm currently trying to start up a new blog, and I very much wanted one with the name "" but unfortunately it was already used. I got curous about what it contained though, so I decided to check it out. As it turns out, it has apparently been deleted by its creator. What I am wondering is if there isn't any way for me then to take it over so to say.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Deleted blog URLs are not recycled here. Confirm by reading:

    You can register another blog with a similar name.

    Or you can register a domain vis a domain mapping upgrade and it will not matter what the underlying address is.

  3. I thank you, sorry I posted a question with clear answer in the support, I'm tired and figured this would go faster [Insert embarassed angel-face here]

  4. Not to worry and best wishes.

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