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    I am trying to use an offline blog editor namely BlogDesk since I have a very unreliable Internet connection.

    I am currently registered under the ‘Free Plan’ as I am a student.

    I get an error message from BlogDesk when I try to get the Blog id, or categories, or try to publish the blog.

    Is this because XML RPC needs to be enabled on the blog? How do I work around this problem.

    Thanks in advance for the help

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, XML-RPC is enabled by default on WordPressdotcom. Here’s more on that and there are suggestions there for other offline editors.

    If you are getting an error message in the BlogDesk program, perhaps there is something helpful in their support faqs



    Hi, and thanks for your extremely prompt reply.

    I have been through the links that you provided.

    On the FAQs I have found the following comment.

    Unfortunately, since WordPress 2.6, the blogging interface is not enabled by default anymore. You need to enable it manually. Just go to Settings / Writing and activate the XML-RPC protocol.

    Since I need this for students I am looking for free offline blogging software.

    Any more help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.




    Hi there,

    That FAQ is referring to the self-hosted software. On XML-RPC is enabled by default, as explained in the link @justjennifer provided to you above.

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