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Using PayPal on a registered WordPress blog/site

  1. I'm considering whether or not to register my domain name for $18/year with WordPress. Will I be able to use PayPal if I register my WordPress blog's domain name? I'd rather just switch to a cheaper hosting site if not, since WordPress's $18/year fee is higher than many alternatives. Also, will I be able to have an email subscription list? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello!

    Are you trying to pay for the domain name using your PayPal account or to accept payment from customers using PayPal?

    If you are trying to purchase your domain using PayPal the article about payment methods says that PayPal is an acceptable method of payment.

    If you would like to use PayPal to collect payments try checking out this article:

  3. Nothing except the URL changes when you purchase a domain and domain mapping upgrade. Important Notes Before Upgrading

    You cannot market anything you do not personally make or any service you do not personally provide from a blog. For selling only your own creations and/or only service you personally provide on a free hosted blog see

    If and only if you are marketing only what you personally create and you already have a online shop with a shopping cart somewhere else online you can create a custom menu and add a custom link to it.

    Only those with Business bundle upgrades ($299.00 per year) can equip their blogs for ecommerce

  4. Also, will I be able to have an email subscription list? Thanks!

    If you mean can you have the ability to conduct email marketing campaigns the answer is - sort of and it doesn't matter if you have any upgrade or not. If you want to use MailChimp with your site now you can do so by creating a link to the signup form on MailChimp. Here's the info from MailChimp Support

  5. All About Domains

    You must be logged in as Admin under the exact same username account that registered the blog to access the blog's dashboard at > Store > My Upgrades.

    In order to map to a domain one must have an underlying subdomain blog to map from and the domain name you desire must be available for purchase, or you must already own the domain URL.

    As you have registered a blog you log in as Admin under the exact same username account that registered the blog and purchase a domain name by purchasing an annually renewable domain mapping upgrade for the blog.

    See here if you do not own a domain

    See here if you already own a domain

    Dashboard > Store > My Upgrades is where you do the primary blog set up knowing it can take between 24 - 72 hours for domain name propagation to take place throughout the internet. You can view the DNS changes here > What's important during that stage is to be patient.

  6. Thanks so much for the super quick responses. I'm sorry I was not clearer. I wish to use PayPal to receive payments for my business. I have linked to Etsy on my blog, but would rather have a shop on my website. I have previously looked into plugins and widgets but they have not worked, and it looks like I cannot do more, from timethief's information. Thank you!

  7. @makeacrane
    You are correct you cannot do any more and you're welcome.
    Best wishes with your blog.

  8. "timethief"

    I have a similar question. I just created this page to sell digital downloads of my photographs using the PayPal buy button. I have not added images yet, or made the button live. I'm also providing a contact form for teachers to request a free image. Is this type of page permissible on a site?

  9. Hi mrspadilly, just an update, I've realized that it's not possible to have PayPal on my WordPress (, and decided to switch to making a Weebly site and bought a year's hosting as well (, which seems to allow me to have a Cart so that people can check out directly on the site. I believe they/the program that accepts credit card payments for me receives a 3% fee. I'm liking it more than WordPress, except that it doesn't seem to allow me to have multiple item images/gallery on my Items page. In this sense (and in other ways), it's not as customizable as WordPress, but I've caught on to it fairly quickly. I looked into hosting sites like GoDaddy, but at the time I looked (a few days ago) and went through the whole checkout process, it seemed like it would be just as expensive as going through Weebly. (I paid $67.90).

  10. However, I still think it's nice for Make-A-Crane to have a blog, so have linked to the blog through Weebly as you can see on the header section:

  11. Thanks for the information, makeacrane, I do appreciate this.

    I'm hoping that "time thief"offers some input, as I do believe the "type" of PayPal that I've placed on my site fits the guidelines for .com (i.e. offering an item personally made by the blogger). In my case it is for some of the images that appear on my blog. I've been on for a couple years now, and don't really want to change. I do have a site on the site, but don't want to have to move as I like the environment of the site for this blog.

    Hopefully we will learn more soon.

  12. That information is wrong. It is entirely possible to have Paypal on a site; for several years I've made my living that way.

    You follow the instructions TT gave above, and you can have a donation button OR the Buy It Now button.

  13. Hi raincoaster, thanks for the input. I went through this entire process previously and was able to generate a PayPal button, but was not able to embed it. It maybe the difference between .org/.com that I'm missing; I'm not sure.

  14. Hi raincoaster and makeacrane.

    I did get my PayPal button embedded directly, according to the instructions that TT gave above. Works fine.

    Just wanted to make sure selling my own photos from my blog is "ok" according to policy, and I can see for what I am planning to do, it is allowable. Thanks for the clarification, raincoaster.

  15. Yes, it is absolutely fine. Artists and photographers are encouraged here.

    @makeacrane we need more info to help you with your problem. Are you putting the text in the Visual editor or the Text editor?

  16. I found that I could not use any plugins and saw on various other posts that WordPress no longer allowed them. (This is where the .org/.com problem might come in.) At the time I tried both.

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